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”KP3I is an alliance of professional scuba diver women from various scuba diving agencies in Indonesia working to construct improvement and action to Professional Scuba Diving Women’s empowerment, ensuring a more advantageous activity for women movement towards equitability for change and healthy ocean environment.”


19 September 2020

KP3I – Month of Environmental Action 2020

”Celebrating the month of environmental action in September, KP3I collaborated with several world marine organizations and environment experts held two activities themed on the sea and waste pollution, which was Online Discussions on marine affairs and a Photo Competition on Waste Pollution. The Online Discussion activity was collaborated with Seakeepers Organization from Singapore and Ocean Blue Project Organization from America, with discussion theme Let’s Go Back To The Sea which was held on 19 September 2020

Whereas the Waste Pollution Photo Competition was collaborated by Trash Hero and 4LessWaste and held during the month of September 2020.

08 March 2020

KP3I – International Women’s Day 2020

”KP3I celebrated the International Women’s Day on March 8, 2020, by organising an activity for people with disabilities in Jakarta : Trial Scuba with Disabilities People. By following this year’s IWD theme: #EachforEqual – ”An equal world is an enabled world ”, we want to proclaim that women are able to become professionals in extreme environments, thus can give enthusiasm and positive motivation to fellow women to be themselves, able to realise their rights as women and want to try new things that are non-stereotyped.” Video©Jakartanicus

07 December 2019

Female Divers – Lestari Lautku 2019

”Closing the year of 2019, Female Divers held a conservation movement towards protecting our ocean by doing Coral Transplantation & Ocean Clean Up activity.  If we start with one small change and hold each another accountable, we believe that together we can inspire global action for the health of our oceans.”




Her friends call her Uci, and she began her underwater journey in Jakarta, where she completed her Open Water certification in 2006 and her Open Water Scuba Instructor in 2014. Uci continued advancing her dive education and eventually earning an IDC Staff Instructor certification and few other specialties including Sidemount Instructor, Underwater Photography Instructor and 10 other scuba diving specialties.

She is an avid scuba diver and she’s also a professional singer with a beautiful voice that can captivated the audience. Uci is a passionate scuba instructor, who educates students of every level by following her principle: always do the diving safety procedure and continue your education in diving if you want to enjoy more of the underwater world, thus going underwater is one way that she can celebrate her colourful life while pursuing her love of Macro Photography.

And this is her story…


Cool community, I can increase my network!

Kiki Sembiring

Let’s create a community based on dignity, integrity, utmost respect to each other and don’t forget to have fun! Let’s unite, Ladies!

Poppy Siregar

Semoga dengan hadirnya KP3I akan membantu banyak Penyelam Profesional Perempuan di Indonesia dalam menjalankan tugas/pekerjaannya baik dlm bentuk sharing pengalaman, idea, pendampingan & pertemanan dg kegiatan2nya nanti. Walaupun berbeda2 agency tetapi kita bisa bersatu. ”Treat us as professional but acknowledge us as Women”

Lucia Palupi

Bagus untuk penyelam wanita

Sunny Hosea


As a scuba diver, we pledge on helping our ocean environment to be free from plastic waste. Join our action to save our environment from plastic pollution. Read more…

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