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”KP3I is an alliance of professional scuba diver women from various scuba diving agencies in Indonesia working to construct improvement and action to Professional Scuba Diving Women’s empowerment, ensuring a more advantageous activity for women movement towards equitability for change and healthy ocean environment.”


01 – 04 September 2022

KP3I – DXI 2022

”#KP3I participated in Deep & Extreme Indonesia Exhibition of 2022 (DXI)”

Covid19 was declared a global pandemic two years ago and now we’re finally moving on…

By participating in DXI exhibition as Asia’s Biggest Outdoor Adventure, Diving & Marine Tourism Show, KP3I intended to develop a new perspective of the women community to establish a unique women empowerment activity, building a trustworthy platform for women scuba divers, yet creating a happy, productive and safe environment.

We were very pleased by the high numbers of female diver visitors who approached our booth to discover about KP3I, our programs and play fun games with us.

As KP3I  showcases the diversity of diving and inspires women in Indonesia by empowering our female diving community inclusive of ocean lovers, we also aim to generate a natural connection to the sport and amplifying the stories of divers who inspire others to love and care for our ocean planet.

We want Female Divers of all ages, scuba levels and backgrounds cooperate and work together to experience levels to explore and protect our beautiful underwater heritage. A breakthrough.

08 June 2021

”#KP3I join over 70+ world NGOs in urging #G7 Leaders to listen to the science and make ocean action an integral part of #G7UK discussions on the climate crisis and #biodiversity, support our global campaign #ListenToTheOcean #G7Summit #OneOceanOnePlanet”

⁠Leaders of G7 nations, the EU and guest countries are gathering at Carbis Bay, Cornwall on 11-13 June 2021 for the G7 Summit.

Ahead of the Summit, G7 Ministers responsible for Climate and Environment met virtually on 20-21 May. A Communiqué indicating the areas for consideration by leaders was issued by the G7 Ministers. 

A strong commitment to protecting the ocean should be included in the ultimate Communiqué as a demonstration that the G7 countries are seriously and effectively ready to take a global lead in preventing and reversing climate breakdown.

As outlined by over 70 civil society groups and coalitions, and leading ocean scientists, in a joint letter and Science Statement issued ahead of the G7 Ministerial meeting. 

If we don’t protect the ocean, we won’t solve the climate crisis.

Join us in calling on @G7 leader to #ListenToTheOcean and champion an ambitious #HighSeasTreaty to bring much-needed protection to ½ of our planet”

19 September 2020

KP3I – Month of Environmental Action 2020

”Celebrating the month of environmental action in September, KP3I collaborated with several world marine organizations and environment experts held two activities themed on the sea and waste pollution, which was Online Discussions on marine affairs and a Photo Competition on Waste Pollution.”

The Online Discussion activity was collaborated with Seakeepers Organization from Singapore and Ocean Blue Project Organization from America, with discussion theme Let’s Go Back To The Sea which was held on 19 September 2020

Whereas the Waste Pollution Photo Competition was collaborated by Trash Hero and 4LessWaste and held during the month of September 2020.




She was a corporate slave in Oil & Gas industry before she turned her career to scuba diving completely. Since then, Poppy has become one of the female scuba diving instructors who always strive to make a difference in the industry.

She became a professional scuba diver as a Divemaster in 2012 and then continued her study to Instructor in 2015.

In diving organisation level, she is currently holding a position as a Vice Chairwoman in KP3I within the administrative period of 2019 – 2023, also one of the organising committee in PPSI Jabodetabek within the period of 2020 – 2023.

Her favourite dive locations are Raja Ampat, Komodo Island, Banda Neira and Bali, while her motto is: “Diving is meant to be fun and liberating, if it’s not, then it may not be for you, because diving isn’t for everyone and that’s okay.”

KP3I had a chance to interview her and get to know her!


Hope this community can be useful for female Indonesian divers professional 🙂

Marcia Stephanie

I think this is a good platform for professional women in diving industry to collaborate, back up each other and support other women to enter the dive pro.
Worth to try!
Worth to fight for!

Tanty Reinhart

I want to support the industry and this is my relevant activities, so why not?

Taruli Aritonang

Great forum for female divers among the massive influence of masculinity in diving world.

Ningsih Alimuddin


As a scuba diver, we pledge on helping our ocean environment to be free from plastic waste. Join our action to save our environment from plastic pollution. Read more…

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