Women Professional Scuba Diving Community (KP3I) is committed to construct improvement and action to Professional Scuba Diving Women’s empowerment, ensures a more advantageous activity for women movement towards equitability for change in scuba diving industry and ocean environment in Indonesia.


1. As a platform to facilitate Women Professional Scuba Diver to establish communication and strengthen affiliation and unity. To become a safe & non-judgemental Community for Women Professional Scuba Divers to develop empowerment and self-actualization

2. Promoting and building healthy and sustainable oceans through education and action that inspires awareness for greater impact.

3. As a Community that can help to provide positive and constructive movements related to the scuba diving industry, teaching methods and social actions that can benefit the society comprehensively.

4. To present opportunities to Women Professional Scuba Divers in Indonesia to have a more active role in the diving industry in general.

5. To enrich potential, quality & quantity of Women Professional Scuba Divers to increase competency and direct their activities to support and facilitate the implement safe and responsible environmental diving activities in general.


Data record of Women Professional Divers in Indonesia

Developing interests in scuba diving for women and encouraging women to become Professional Scuba Divers.

Providing and sharing various forms of information and activities that in line with the development of diving industry with the aim to support improvement on scuba diving activities.

Active involvement in implementation of marine conservation and support the government & world programs on environmental sustainability in general.

Establish a beneficial, integrated, collaboration and responsible Community to its members, other organizations and social environment in general.

To support the development of scuba diving and marine tourism image as positive and constructive activities.

Developing capacity, empowerment and involvement of Women Professional Scuba Divers in scuba diving activities or action within the sector of associations, government agencies, SAR, tourism ambassadors, international forums and ocean & environment conservation.

A Community that supports the implementation of a conducive environment in scuba diving industry by emphasizing the principle of equality and non-discrimination in important steps towards achieving substantive equality for Women Professional Scuba Diver workers in Indonesia.

Establishing trust and understanding between Women Professional Scuba Diver and the people we work with, promoting co-operation and support between women and men, and fostering collaborations by taking account of diversity on making our Community valuable to all.

Implementing on teaching standards which consistent with the Standard Operating Procedures from each scuba diving agency and in accordance with the standard competency of the provisions of the Indonesian government regulations.

Implement the standards of diving tourism and marine tourism business in accordance with the provisions of the Indonesian government regulations and Standard Operating Procedures from each scuba diving agency.

Developing the business skill from its members in the field of scuba diving industry and business tourism to expand careers and work professionalism.